Video Game Idea: Small Gods
Summary a multi-player civ-building game
using the nested right-triangles map

the game is played on three levels
you can rearrange the tiles on the lowest level
which affects the higher levels
Nature Level one (1) small triangle per tile
your basic action is to swap these tiles around
you can only swap tiles that you own
swap cost is based on distance
opponent's tiles do not count against you in that distance
Buildings Level four (4) small triangles per tile
your basic action is to place a building
building options are limited by the Nature Tiles below
if a critical Nature Tile is lost, the Building collapses
District Level sixteen (16) small triangles per tile
your basic action is to declare a district
district options are limited by the Building Tiles below
if a critical Building is lost, the District dissolves
Winning the aim is to raise your chosen Small God
and not any others
by drawing their Sigil with your Districts
each Small God has a particular arrangement of Districts that will raise it
Example example District Pattern that raises a Small God

white districts can be any kind
the colors could correlate to "Holy District", "Commerce District", etc
Competition / Cooperation each player's goal is public knowledge
the patterns are to be partially overlap-able and partially interlock-able
players are incentivized to intermingle their territories
Needs More Work how do players claim territory?
one Nature Tile at a time, yes
does not need to be contiguous, yes
details undetermined

can players abandon territory?

how many of the Nature Tiles do you need to own to build on top of them? to declare a district?
once a building is built or a district declared, is dissolving them the only way to alter them?

"Hearth" is not categorized as a District Type but it does have the specialized building "Home"
do all Districts (except Wild) require at least one Home within them?

how do buildings limit or enable districts?

what exactly are the patterns of association between buildings/colors/icons? the goal is for each color/icon to enable multiple buildings, and for each building to have a unique set of color/icons
Nature Tiles each tile has a color and an icon
these are abstract, so the specifics aren't critical
a bird, a tree, a sun, a deer...
seven colors, seven icons
colors and icons are combined randomly
each color is associated with three buildings
ditto for the icons
the four Nature Tiles below a building must include at least two attributes associated with that building
such as two icons or two colors
or one icon and one color
on one or more tiles
King Tiles a special nature tile designation
meaning a Nature Tile in the center of a Building Tile
touching three other Nature Tiles that all share
the same color or icon with each other
any building type can be placed over a King Tile
Buildings there are fourteen (14) building types
which form a circle
Farm (Harvest)
Market (Harvest/Commerce)
Shop (Commerce)
Almshouse (Commerce/Holy)
Temple (Holy)
Shrine (Holy/Revelry)
Tavern (Revelry)
Public Square (Revelry/Hearth)
Home (Hearth)
School (Hearth/Law)
Courthouse (Law)
Scribe (Law/Crafts)
Workshop (Crafts)
Baker (Crafts/Harvest)
(loop back to Farm)
Districts there are seven (7) district types
Wild - zero buildings
Buildings Nature Tile color/icon associations
Farm (Orange/Red/Sun)
Market (Red/Sun/Tree)
Shop (Red/Purple/Tree)
Almshouse (Purple/Tree/Deer)
Temple (Purple/Blue/Deer)
Shrine (Blue/Deer/Fish)
Tavern (Blue/Green/Fish)
Public Square (Green/Fish/Bird)
Home (Green/White/Bird)
School (White/Bird/Flower)
Courthouse (White/Yellow/Flower)
Scribe (Yellow/Flower/Mouse)
Workshop (Yellow/Orange/Mouse)
Baker (Orange/Sun/Mouse)
(loop back to Farm)
Sources Small Gods is a book by Terry Pratchett
this game idea is not derived from Pratchett's writing
it is a good title, though
Brainstorming merchant: bank, lender, shop, market, exchange
revelry: public square, tavern, theatre, dance hall
holy: church, cathedral, shrine
crafts: carpenter, smith, mason, scribe
law: jail, courthouse, school, palace
harvest: farm, pasture
hearth: home
icons: sun tree bird fish deer flower mouse mushroom songbird crow bear fox water mountain